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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use BMI to Measure Health

BMI has been around forever. We’re used to thinking it as a number that’s synonymous with our health, both in general media and from doctors. Our weight and height are taken, and these two factors combine together in a mathematical equation to come up with our Body Mass Index. We are told we are supposed to fit within a specific range of these two numbers, and that our health can be determined by this number. If we’re under it or over it by any significant amount, we’re deemed unhealthy. But relying on BMI to determine health isn’t just a lazy healthcare practice, it can actually be dangerous. There are lots of really good reasons why we shouldn’t be using BMI to gauge our health, which makes it all the more confusing that doctors continue to recommend it.

It Wasn’t Originally Supposed To

Your Weight Depends  On Many Factors
Your Weight Depends On Many Factors
Back in the nineteenth century, a Belgian statistician named Adolphe Quetelet came up with a measurement that observed the cross data between a person’s height and weight. His goal was to find what number, mathematically, made up the average man. He was on the hunt for numerical values that could make up the average person, including things like how many children a person has and their average height and weight. Statistics are highly simplistic but highly powerful tools for generalizing something in society, but the important thing to remember is that because statistics are so easy to formulate and generate with any manipulation of variables, they generally shouldn’t be used to draw conclusions about society as a whole. If statistical evidence proves that the average family as 2.4 children, the logical conclusion shouldn’t be that all families should have between two and three children otherwise they’re in danger of approaching a dangerous dynamic. If a family makes more money they may be able to safely and securely have a large number of children and raise them just as well as the “average” number. The average number is no indication of what’s best for the family, it’s simply an average. And BMI is much the same thing. It’s a measurement of where the average man and woman sit insofar as height and weight go. Given those dynamics, it’s difficult to see how large government organizations like the CDC can justify using it as any kind of measurement of health.

Is Tom Cruise Obese?

According to the BMI scale, he is. According to the CDC, any BMI over 30 qualifies as obese and at 5’7 and 201 lbs, Tom Cruise clocks in at a BMI of 31.5. It’s hard to argue that Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t in the height of physical fitness during his body building days, yet according to the BMI scale at just over six feet and about 235 lbs. also qualified as obese at a BMI of 31. The problem with BMI is that it only takes height and weight into consideration. Body frames vary from person to person, including things like bone density and how thick your frame is. The thicker your frame, the heavier your body is likely to be for it to stay healthy. It also doesn’t take into account muscle mass, and as we all know muscle is heavier than fat. Many pro athletes and Olympic competitors are also likely to be obese or overweight according to BMI, which only further proves how useless of a tool it is in regards to determining how healthy we actually are.

Fat Can Actually Be Good For You

Some Fat Is Actually Good For You
Some Fat Is Actually Good For You
Several recent medical studies have shown that people with some chronic illnesses actually need a higher body weight and health content to stay healthy. These studies specifically show that a higher BMI can protect a person from dying of heart failure and kidney failure as chronic illnesses can require that a person have higher energy reserves in order to combat them. A low BMI can also be an indicator that someone has a disease that has yet to be diagnosed, yet if BMI is relied on solely an individual may be praised for being healthy with no additional tests performed.

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How to Resist That Second Helping

Portion control is the bane of many diets. It’s not always a matter of needing to get a different amount of nutrients so you’ll stop being hungry. Sometimes it’s simply that you’re so used to being full that your stomach has stretched, and while you wait for it to shrink (which will happen) you have to deal with being hungry. While you’re waiting for nature to take its course and diminish your appetite you can also take these steps in order to aid it on its way. Your stomach is never going to shrink if you’re still filling it full of second helpings, after all.

Drink Two Glasses of Water Between Helpings

Drink 2 Glasses Of Water During With Meals
Drink 2 Glasses Of Water With Your Meals
Before you allow yourself to go back for seconds, take the time to make sure that your firsts have settled. A great way to both make sure that your food is in fact ready to be digested is to drink two large glasses of water before you go back. Make sure that you sip these glasses; drink them slowly. It can be hard to make yourself drink slowly when you’re hungry, but that’s part of the point. Time will diminish your appetite, and so will the fact that water fills you up. You’re not adding any calories to your meal total, but you’re still feeling like you ate more.

Get up and Go for a Walk

Pick Up The Habit Of Going For A Walk
Pick Up The Habit Of Going For A Walk
Sometimes you just have to go for a walk. This will help you by aiding the digestion process and will also help take your mind off of the food that you want to eat. This shouldn’t be a jog or anything; a simple wander down the road will put you in a different mental place and will help your body see that, whatever your stomach thinks, you don’t actually need to eat anything more. Everything’s going to be fine with the amount of food you did enjoy.

Put the Food Away Immediately

Another way to curb your tendency to eat a second plate is to make sure that all the food is already away. The first thing that you have to do is load up your plate with your dinner. Make sure that it looks like a lot (use a smaller plate, if you have to) so that your brain knows you’re going to be eating a lot of food. Then, once you’ve gotten your food, put the rest into Tupperware and pack it up in the fridge. This way you won’t be tempted to snack when you’re trying to put the leftovers away, and going to the fridge, getting out the food, and reheating it all seems like a lot of work that you don’t actually want to take.

Always Take Your Leftovers for Breakfast the next Day

One way to stop yourself from indulging is knowing that the food you save will be your breakfast or lunch the next day. If you always eat your leftovers for lunch, you know that you’re going to be hungry tomorrow if you eat them now.

Settle on a Less Calorie Heavy Snack

If you’re starving even after you’ve done all of that, find something less calorie heavy than a meal to eat. Plain crackers might satisfy your urge to chew, but they won’t be so calorie rich as eating a second dinner would be.

Identify Why You Want to Eat It so Badly

If you can’t understand why you’re so hungry, try to think if you did anything stressful that day. Think about any nutrition requirements your exercise routine might have, and then see if you can understand why you’re hungry and attack it logically.

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3 Ways You Can Accidentally Destroy Your Company’s Reputation

Running a business is a complicated game, and it’s not always all about making money. It’s about forging and building up relationships as well. Not only with the other employees within your company, but also with your suppliers, investors, and even your customers. Without a good reputation, it’s going to be pretty hard to do any kind of reliable business in any field. That’s why so many of your early days as a company are all about building up trust with those who do business with you. Once you’ve earned that trust, you can go pretty far with it!

Know What Your Customers Want
Know What Your Customers Want
However, if you are careless with your business’s reputation, you could end up throwing it away. Even one careless mistake could end up costing your business all of that good karma you built up. Once you fritter it away like that, you’ll end up being completely unable to get it back again. It could be a real disaster! There are a few things you really need to be careful to avoid if you really want to preserve your business’s reputation. In this article, you can learn about three of those critical errors to avoid. Here’s what they are!

Don’t Make a Fool of Yourself on Social Media

Act Professionally
Act Professionally At All Times
One of the most powerful tools available to any business out there these days is the social networking website. By leveraging the power of social media and creating a page for your business, you can reach an audience that previously would have been entirely out of your reach. Now, however, with the right kind of strategy and a bit of work, you’ll find that you can triple the number of people who are aware of your company and what it’s doing. However, it can also be a danger. If you open your big mouth and say something very controversial on a site like Twitter or Facebook, it can escalate into a firestorm that consumes your business. Don’t presume to mouth off political opinions or similar things through the mouthpiece of a corporate social media page. The only result you’re going to encounter is the one where your entire reputation ends up in the toilet bowl! Stick to only posting things about your company on those pages, and you’ll always be safe from destroying your business that way.

Don’t Provoke a Flood of Bad Online Reviews

Online reviews are important, whether you want to admit it or not. You can’t just ignore what people are saying about you on those pages. If you do something that encourages people to visit your page to leave bad reviews about your company, you’re in big trouble. You’re quickly going to discover that there is no easy way to get those scores back up to where they used to. You won’t have any luck getting fraudulent reviews removed, either. Instead, you’re going to have live with the fact that your company has a poor reputation now.

Avoid Declaring Your Business’s Stance on Controversial Issues

Like we discussed in relation to social media, you should avoid saying anything particularly controversial in any online settings. However, you should also avoid having your business officially advocate or declare for a particular political issue. This can cause a lot of unhappiness and unrest between you and your customers. Not only that, but if you back the wrong horse, you could destroy the popularity of your entire business. You might even become a pariah in your community. IS making a statement really worth it when the stakes are so high? You’re better off writing a letter to the editor and leaving it at that, instead of opening your business’s mouth.

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Valentines Gifts That Rock

Valentine’s Day is a stressful day for many people. When the season of hearts and cupids rolls around it can be hard to find a suitable gift for the girl or guy in your life. Especially with all the horrible gifts that you might find during this time of year, you need to really make an effort to find a good gift. However, if you can find a good gift for your significant other, you can make a very memorable Valentine’s Day and make your relationship even stronger.


A Beautiful Bundle Of Flowers Is A Timeless Gift
A Beautiful Bundle Of Flowers Is A Timeless Gift
While many people say flowers are clichéd and silly, but there is a reason that flowers are a timeless gift that many people give to each other. There is even a language to flowers that you can use to express your feelings, like red roses mean everlasting love, but yellow roses signify friendship. If you do your research, you can bring a beautiful message and you can really make an amazing gift.


A Box Of Chocolates Is A Classic Valentine's Day Gift
A Box Of Chocolates Is A Classic Valentine’s Day Gift
As long as your date is not on a diet, chocolates are an awesome gift. They are cute, themed, and of course delicious. If you know exactly what chocolates that your special someone likes, then you can be even more specific with what chocolates with you give them. You can easily give some great chocolate and have fun with chocolate related fun.

Homemade Gifts

Make It Special... Make It Yourself
Make It Special… Make It Yourself
Homemade gifts have the most thought in them out of any other gift. If you can put enough thought into a person and a relationship to make them a gift that they love then you will have really scored on the gift front. Think about the different things that you can make, and just pick one. Any method you use will result in a unique, personalized gift that will mean far more than any kitschy, store bought, themed gift. Don’t worry about making it absolutely perfect, because it is the thought that counts the most.

Thoughtful Cards

If you write out your thoughts in a nice card you can have a great, meaningful thing to share with your beloved on Valentine’s Day. – How to Write The Perfect Vday Card – The thought and time that it takes to write out a card and send it is a gift that is very much worth doing. You can write something funny or something deep, but either way it’s the thought that matters. A cheesy, store bought card with your name written inside is not going to win you any favors or rewards.


Going out on cute dates is a really good way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Actions speak louder than words any day, and it is important for you to show that you care. A nice dinner, or a day in, or even an indoor lunch with snuggling by the fire is a great way to show your affections. Cook for each other, watch each other’s favorite movies, or even just talk and listen to each other. It doesn’t need to be expensive or too fancy, it should just be filled with love and good intention. If you combine these gifts, you can have the most meaningful Valentine’s ever, and you can show each other that you really care for you special someone. Just remember that even if it isn’t picture perfect, your thoughts and expressions of love will be appreciated and reciprocated.

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Organizing Your Desk to Boost Your Efficiency

Are you the kind of employee who spends all day working in an office? On the one hand, at least you aren’t stuck working in the retail or food service industries! On the other hand, it does mean that you are basically chained to a boring desk all day. Sure, you have your computer and the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that you can just slack off. You actually have to get some work done if you want to keep your job. However, that’s not going to be very easy when your desk is jammed up with tons of clutter. You need to get it under control if you want to be an efficient employee at all!

Organizing Your Desk Will Help Your Work
Organizing Your Desk Will Help Your Work
There are a number of ways to go about organizing your desk for productivity boosts. However, the easiest way to give yourself the tools for success is to simply choose wisely which objects you place on your desk. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a few simple objects that can actually make your office life a whole lot easier. Let’s get started with organizing your work life and getting you back on track!

Keep a Cup for Pens and Pencils

Reducing the clutter on your desk is going to be your first priority. One of the best ways to do that is to remove the most common loose item from your desk area: pens and pencils. Instead of just scattering them across your desk, collect them into a single cup. That way, you can always reach for pen mug to grab the writing utensil you need. It’ll make things a whole lot simpler.

Have Some Photos You Like to Look At

Give Yourself Something To Look It Will Help Rest Your Mind
Give Yourself Something To Look It Will Help Rest Your Mind
When you’re working at a computer all day, sometimes you get tired of staring at the screen. After all, it hurts your eyes to do it for too long! Instead of getting distracted by getting up and leaving your desk, give yourself something else pleasant to look at. Put some framed pictures on your desk that you really enjoy looking at, such as photos of your family or other loved ones. This should help give you a few moments of clear mindedness when you start getting bored at work. Once you’re done looking at the picture, you can go right back to work.

Keep Your Keyboard and Mouse Clean

Keep A Clean Work Space
Keep A Clean Work Space
No one likes working with dirty tools, and just because you’re in an office doesn’t mean you’re an exception to that rule. Don’t allow your keyboard and mouse to become gross and gunked up. Once a month, take the time to clean them of any debris and detritus that may have accumulated. Use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to make quick work of even the toughest keyboard cleaning jobs. Having a clean workspace will contribute to a positive state of mind, which in turn will make you even more productive at work. Your bosses will take notice!

You’ll Need Something For Those Stressful Days

Something to do with your hands when you aren’t typing is a good idea as well. Why not grab a stress ball of some sort to place on top of your desk? Go Here For Ideas To Cut Stress At Work. When you’re in the middle of crunch time for a big project, you can reach straight for it when it feels like you’re going to be overwhelmed. A little bit of squeezing and crushing later and you’ll be feeling much better. Then you’ll be back to work! You can even use the stress ball that you select to creatively express yourself, depending on what item you choose to squeeze.

A Jar of Candies Provides Ample Rewards

Give yourself a small glass dish of your favorite candies to eat from on your desk as well. Not only will this encourage other employees to come by and see how you’re doing, but it will also keep you from wandering away from work to find a snack. When you can grab a quick sugar fix, you’ll be able to sit and continue working for much longer periods of that. That should really boost your productivity and your ability to get the job done on time. With all of these minor changes, it should be much easier for you to tolerate sitting at your desk.

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Three Features on the Galaxy S5 You Will Love to Use

New phones are practically released every 3 months or so, each one competing to deliver the most features at the best price. Most are noticeably better than others when it comes to adding features that a consumer would find enticing yet practical for every day use. The Galaxy line of products has really succeeded in doing just that. While Samsung maintains its position in releasing some of the easiest to use phones with the longest battery life the company has started adding not only practical but also fun features to every phone it produces. And while many of their phones offer such features they have really outdone themselves with the GalaxyS5.

The HealthS Feature

Take Your Heart Rate Before And After You Exercise
Take Your Heart Rate Before And After You Exercise

Most phones are more than happy to give you the time of day, or even function as a pedometer for you on your morning walks. The Galaxy takes this to a whole next level. If you’re wanting to monitor your health at a more close rate this phone makes this easy. Located on the back panel is a heart rate monitor that will respond with just a touch of your finger. Taking your heart rate before and after you exercise is a great way to monitor your health, the Galaxy will not only take the rate for you, but store it for you to access later as well. This makes it easy to record your progress, in fact the Galaxy will also reward your progress. With the HealthS feature already built into the phone you are able to track your steps, find a work out partner, earn badges for your progress, and even receive nutrition advice for your diet or work out regimen.

The Fingerprint and Face Recognition Feature

The New Samsung Security Features Are Amazing
The New Samsung Security Features Are Amazing

Almost everyone has lock screens on their phones, involving some type of dot pattern or number sequence to protect our privacy. However sometimes these passwords can be easily deciphered when someone knows our birthday or can read the swipe patterns from our fingers on the screen. The Galaxy eliminates both of these problems with two different lock systems. The first is the fingerprint scanner. No one can imitate your fingerprint therefore keeping your personal information safe behind the lock screen. The scanner is easy to use and will not fail as long as your screen is intact. If the fingerprint system isnt for you one can always use the facial recognition software instead to keep their phone locked. Upon turning on the screen the phone will scan your facial features for a match in a picture you have given it to match you with. As long as you haven’t had any serious re-constructive surgery your phone should automatically unlock for you.

Android Beam

Share Information With A Simple Tap Of The Phone
Share Information With A Simple Tap Of The Phone

The android beam is something that a smart phone user should never be without. Instead of having to write down number or email pictures to friends you can simply tap two phones together and transfer the data instantly. Android beam allows you to share videos, pictures, music, and contacts with each other with a simple tap of the phone. This certainly does help when you don’t have a pen and paper handy.

While most phones do offer a wide variety of features, the GalaxyS5 takes the cake on having
practical and enjoyable features to offer.