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7-2ED5CB8500000578-3330731-Researchers_said_men_justified_shaving_their_nether_regions_sayi-a-7_1448558128106Shaving your bits is becoming much more common these days. Whether you have a boyfriend you want to impress or you just want to keep things clean for yourself, you’re going to want to know how to trim your bush properly. Things can get a bit uncomfortable if you don’t know how to do it right, and you do not want to have to deal with something like that. We have some advice that can help you figure out exactly how to go about taking care of your nether regions in the most painless way possible. This way, you can have the clean shaven look you enjoy without having to worry about doing it wrong or facing any issues after the deed is done. You don’t want things to get uncomfortable, so you should read on to find out all the advice you need to get a perfect shave:

Use the Right Razor

The right razor can work miracles, and you don’t want to forgo this step. You want to use a new razor when you’re going to be shaving delicate parts of your body like your nethers. You want the razor to be nice and sharp so that you get a clean shave without having to pass the blade over your skin too many times. This will help reduce irritation as well as make sure that you get a good shave. You don’t want to use a dull blade and wind up with tons of stubble the very next day. Plus, a dull blade can easily lead to irritation and razor bumps, which can become quite painful if not taken care of. Nobody wants razor bumps, so be sure to use a good razor each time you have to shave your privates. I once dated a married chick from an ashleymadison review (the largest site to get busted yet still earning money) and I found many scams on this site, one of which was to post unshaved pics. Sad but true.


Use the Right Shaving Cream

Using the right shaving cream is also highly important. You’re going to want to use a shaving cream to help make things easier on your skin and ensure you get a closer shave. You don’t want to use something that’s too gel-like, because while these may be more marketed towards feminine needs, they don’t help as much. Going for a regular shaving cream and using a thin layer of it will do the job just right. Don’t smear too much on there or it’ll be far too difficult to get a good shave, and you don’t want to deal with that.

Take Care of the Aftercare

It’s important to treat your skin right after a shave, too. You need to make sure that you take care of your skin after you shave so that you don’t get tons of razor bumps or ingrown hairs. There are some after-shave products you can buy to help keep your skin from getting irritated, and you should always invest in these products when possible. Rubbing a bit into your skin every day will help your skin stay smooth and as non-irritated as possible. Keep this in mind when you’re going to start shaving, as it really is important.

If you want to successfully attract married women you need a few secrets on your profile, one of which is to use a good profile picture, preferably a non-explicit one.

For most men, penetrative sex tends to be the be all end all. A lot of guys don’t even feel like they really had sex unless it was penetrative, and this is just patently ridiculous. There’s so many different ways you can have sex, so labeling penetrative sex is the only type of real sex is just silly. However, a lot of guys definitely do feel this way, which makes it difficult to deal with if your girlfriend can’t stand penetrative sex. If this is an issue you are dealing with, you’re going to want to know what you can do about it. Here’s what you need to know. I once used a scam website for dating called hornymatches where I met a girl that didn’t loves sex. For the record, horny matches is total garbage and has been shown to be a fraud. IT’s the same with scam sites for dating like this total scam exposed here that is the crazy scam site free bang buddies.

Sex on eHarmony: Is This Really an Issue?

You might be under the impression that this is never something you’re going to have to deal with. However, the truth is that a lot of women don’t even particularly care for penetrative sex. Believe it or not, the vagina is actually not very sensitive. Otherwise, how would women push out babies without dying on the spot? For this reason, a lot of women can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Not only that, but some women actively dislike vaginal penetration or just don’t get anything out of it. It definitely is an issue, though it may be one you have never faced before. Then there’s the dating giant eHarmony as per this article the is definitely one of the best sites.

How to Know for Sure if She Hates It

If you have a girlfriend that doesn’t really seem to like penetrative sex, you’re going to want to figure out for sure if she hates it or not. This is usually solved with the simple discussion of what she likes and doesn’t like. If she really doesn’t get anything out of penetrative sex, that’s one thing, but if she actively hates it then you may have an issue on your hands. Discussing your likes and dislikes in bed is definitely something you’re going to want to do no matter what.

Other Things You Can Do in Bed

If it turns out that your girlfriend really does hate penetrative sex, you’re going to want to know what other things you can do in bed. There’s no reason why you can’t consider having intercrural sex, which can be just as fulfilling. Plus, there’s plenty to like when it comes to oral sex, and there plenty of other things you can consider doing that have nothing to do with penetration. Stretch your imagination and see what you can come up with, and you may be surprised what you wind up liking.

Working on Her Issue

Some women don’t like penetrative sex because it hurts, so this is something you’re going to want to be aware of. If this is an issue for your girlfriend, she may have a disorder that leads to extreme pain during sex. Using dilators to stretch her out over time may be a good idea for you to pursue. If your girlfriend is interested in penetrative sex but just can’t enjoy it, you should definitely look into what you can do in order to help her feel better.

How to Talk about Opening Your Relationship

Moving from a closed (strictly monogamous) relationship to an open relationship can be nerve-wracking. It’s ended many relationships, but that doesn’t have to mean there’s no good way to open a relationship that started out conventionally monogamous! If you’re considering opening your relationship, these guidelines can help you bring up the subject with your partner.

Know What You Want

If you’re considering opening your relationship, you should already have some kind of idea of your ideal relationship structure. Do you want to be open to sleeping with other people in general, or is there a specific person you’re interested in? What will the distinction be between the relationship you have with your partner, and the ones you want to have with other people? Do you want to have threesomes with your partner and another person, or do you want each of you to be able to pursue outside partners independently?

There’s really only one model for a closed relationship, but there are as many kinds of open relationships as there are people in them. Negotiating a new relationship model requires honesty, good communication, and a high level of emotional intimacy, and the first step to all of those is being sure what you want.

You should be aware that opening a relationship is not a good way to save one that’s already headed downhill. If there are already problems with communication or cheating, odds are good that trying an open relationship will just be a transition to breaking up. Work on the problems first, and introduce the challenge once that’s done.

Your partner may not be okay with the idea of an open relationship. If that’s the case, you need to think very carefully about how vital it is to you. If this is something you need in a relationship, tell your partner now. Yes, this can lead to a breakup, but it’s better to have a relatively amicable breakup now because you were honest about having incompatible needs than it is to wind up having a very messy breakup because you tried to remain monogamous and wound up cheating on your partner.

You may find that your partner is open to the idea, but they have caveats and limits. This is where good communication comes in. You’re going to need to compromise, and you’re going to need to respect their needs and wishes as much as you want them to respect your own. The more openly you express your willingness to compromise and work with their emotional needs, the more comfortable they’re likely to be with this negotiation.

Monogamy is such a prized concept in Western culture that the idea of being non-monogamous can be very threatening and upsetting to someone who hasn’t considered it before. Your partner may ask if they’re not “enough,” if you’ve cheated on them, or if you’re getting ready to break up with them and just want to soften the blow. Expect tough questions, and be ready to answer them with reassurance and plenty of explanations.

Don’t expect whatever agreement you end up with after an initial conversation to stay the same for the rest of your relationship. In fact, you shouldn’t expect to come up with some ironclad agreement the first time you talk about this! Your partner is going to need time to think about it, and it’s common for feelings of comfort and discomfort to shift as the situation changes. If things go well, you may find that you’re both willing to relax some of the restrictions you felt strongly about to begin with; if jealousy becomes a problem, you may need to add some restrictions to help manage it. The most important part of maintaining an open relationship is developing the habit of being able to discuss your comfort and your limitations honestly. You’ll probably have to push yourself at first, and you may find that you need to prompt your partner to do so too, especially if one or both of you is inexperienced with open relationships. Keep it up. As you continue having these discussions, they’ll grow more comfortable, and you’ll be more able to negotiate and set boundaries for yourselves.

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5-cyber-sexNow you may think that online and books have nothing in common. Why would you bother quoting poetry at your partner, or make quaint book references that she may not get? There is utterly no point in doing so. However, some ladies have a kink for erotic literature, and with the correct books, you can charm your way into your lady love’s heart and her body. This may not be an easy thing to achieve, as such; we are helping you by giving you a list of books that you should definitely not reference, unless you want your steamy session to be cut short with hysterical laughter, or worst, looks of disgust. When online dating you need to learn about spotting fake sites which can be tricky as shown here and you must be be careful and plan ahead for your hookups – even when it comes to books you discuss.

Book 1: Twilight

This book may have been one of the bestselling ones in recent history, but that does not mean it is suitable for Skype sex. In fact, this book (and others in the series) is certainly not suitable for anything other than a glorified paperweight. Quoting Twilight to your girl will elicit a few reactions, most of them negative. If she had read the book and got the reference, she would be very confused at your behavior. Why would you quote “you are my own personal brand of heroin” and “so the lion fell in love with the lamb” at her? It definitely does not fit the situation, and it has the added bonus of being a fantastic mood killer. If you want your meeting to end quickly, then by all means reference Twilight.

Even if she has not read the book, the quotes in this book are pretty abysmal. You could surely come up with something better on your own then to use quotes from Twilight. She would definitely appreciate it more anyway.

Book 2: 50 Shades of Grey

There is confusion among you readers now. Why is 50 Shades of Grey considered a terrible reference for sex? It is a recently famous erotic novel, with millions of female fans worldwide. It has made plenty of women wet in the comfort of their own homes, and even on public transport. There is even a movie adaptation that premiers on Valentine’s Day, how could it be a bad choice? I mean, the women of adult friend finder love this kinky shit. Just like in the book, there are many mentioned scams about this site but when it comes to whipping and scatology, giant adult friend finder is still leader so it’s untrue that it’s rumored to still be a fraud. All of these may be true, but 50 Shades of Grey is a terrible book to reference, because (most likely) none of you are Christian Grey, the rich, good-looking protagonist in the story. He could have gotten away with the things he said as he is not a real person, thus women can use their imaginations to vividly imagine how he looks like. As your partner knows how you look like, this illusion of a Christian Grey persona is shattered.

However if you are desperately looking for inspiration to be a better Dom to your partner, you may choose to take some quotes from the novel. Bear in mind that 50 Shades of Grey is actually a terrible and inaccurate representation of healthy BDSM lifestyles, so it would be better if you do not use these quotes on your lady love. She may think you are creepily possessive and overstepping your boundaries. For instance quotes like “I lay awake for hours and watched you sleep…I may have loved you even then” even when changed into the context of your relationship (for instance, from “watched you sleep” to “think of you sleeping”) still sound creepy to her. Remember this is a real woman you are talking to! Creepy possessiveness is definitely a turn off.

So you’ve got a girl you’re interested in. Great! Go out there and ask her out, why don’t you? If you’re nervous about seeming like a chump or that she’s uninterested, don’t fret so much about how you’re perceived for now. Go the extra step and try to woo her. Asking a girl out in a cute and personal way can steer her in your direction and show her a side of you that she doesn’t know. You could always show her your adult friend finder personals profile and have a good laugh while reading this review. Weak, from an incidentally friend finder, a penthouse company that is public. Finding a way to ask her out is simple, but every girl has been asked out a dozen times. Find a cute way to do it to give you some edge.

A Pseudo Date

Casually invite the apple of your eye out to a location where you can both be casual and comfortable. It can be as simple as asking her to go with you to pick out a gift for your mother or to get some coffee with you after work or class. The most important thing to remember about this idea is that you aren’t actually on a date and you should not lie to her or give her wrong impressions about what exactly is going on. When you feel comfortable enough, ask her if she’d like to hang out again sometime. Now you’ve got her on the hook.

Leave Her A Note

Girls and women alike like little details. Whether it’s in a negative way, like how your belt is crooked and you forgot her favorite color, or a positive way such as wearing that tie you know she likes. The little things are very important to women.

Leave her a note where you know she’ll see it and no one else will. Mention something cute that you know she likes or that you share together. Throw in a pun. Draw a heart. The idea isn’t for you to look soft and dorky, but instead to be a romantic who can get on her level.

Write Her A Letter

If you want an elongated and more intensely romantic idea than the above note-related one, take this one for a spin. Write her a love letter, just like they did in the good old days. This should be used for someone you’ve been pining for; someone who you know will stick with you and that you may just fall for hard. In your letter, don’t come off as creepy or obsessed. Stay casual and nonchalant while still being a person who can be romantic. Leave it for her somewhere where you know she’ll get it and no one else will intercept your heartfelt expression of interest.

Grand Romantic Gestures

6-shutterstock_cybersexYou know what these are. Holding up a boombox, running to her in the rain and kissing her passionately, you know the drill. You’re not to that level of romantic investment, though, so keep it strictly to asking her out.

Only try this if you’re sure there’s a mutual interest that you just can’t seem to unite yet, as going above and beyond for someone who may not be interested in you or that you don’t really know comes off as very obsessive and almost like you’re a stalker. Know your crush and where you stand between each other. Go a little bit above that level so you can accurately show that you’re wanting to progress your relationship, but don’t get creepy with it.

Use Her Favorite Things

If you know she likes giraffes, send her a cheesy email with a picture of one and tie it into your date proposal. If she likes a certain sports team, get some tickets and ask her out that way. This shows you know what she likes and are attentive to her desires. It’s also more likely that you’ll get a second, third, or even a fourth date!

A Gift Never Hurt

Without seeming like you’re trying to bribe her, get her a gift. Like the above suggestion, tie it into the date idea. Leave the reservation slip from a restaurant at her desk or in her mailbox to show her you mean business. Buy something sweet and give it to her to sweeten the deal. It’s not too hard to go out of your way to pick up a little something for her, is it? Show her you really appreciate her with a little trinket or present before you ask the question.

Adult Friend Finder is huge brand name in dating and this this review of the site seems to guarantee adult fun online when considering finding a hookup.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use BMI to Measure Health

BMI has been around forever. We’re used to thinking it as a number that’s synonymous with our health, both in general media and from doctors. Our weight and height are taken, and these two factors combine together in a mathematical equation to come up with our Body Mass Index. We are told we are supposed to fit within a specific range of these two numbers, and that our health can be determined by this number. If we’re under it or over it by any significant amount, we’re deemed unhealthy. But relying on BMI to determine health isn’t just a lazy healthcare practice, it can actually be dangerous. There are lots of really good reasons why we shouldn’t be using BMI to gauge our health, which makes it all the more confusing that doctors continue to recommend it.

It Wasn’t Originally Supposed To

Your Weight Depends  On Many Factors
Your Weight Depends On Many Factors
Back in the nineteenth century, a Belgian statistician named Adolphe Quetelet came up with a measurement that observed the cross data between a person’s height and weight. His goal was to find what number, mathematically, made up the average man. He was on the hunt for numerical values that could make up the average person, including things like how many children a person has and their average height and weight. Statistics are highly simplistic but highly powerful tools for generalizing something in society, but the important thing to remember is that because statistics are so easy to formulate and generate with any manipulation of variables, they generally shouldn’t be used to draw conclusions about society as a whole. If statistical evidence proves that the average family as 2.4 children, the logical conclusion shouldn’t be that all families should have between two and three children otherwise they’re in danger of approaching a dangerous dynamic. If a family makes more money they may be able to safely and securely have a large number of children and raise them just as well as the “average” number. The average number is no indication of what’s best for the family, it’s simply an average. And BMI is much the same thing. It’s a measurement of where the average man and woman sit insofar as height and weight go. Given those dynamics, it’s difficult to see how large government organizations like the CDC can justify using it as any kind of measurement of health.

Is Tom Cruise Obese?

According to the BMI scale, he is. According to the CDC, any BMI over 30 qualifies as obese and at 5’7 and 201 lbs, Tom Cruise clocks in at a BMI of 31.5. It’s hard to argue that Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t in the height of physical fitness during his body building days, yet according to the BMI scale at just over six feet and about 235 lbs. also qualified as obese at a BMI of 31. The problem with BMI is that it only takes height and weight into consideration. Body frames vary from person to person, including things like bone density and how thick your frame is. The thicker your frame, the heavier your body is likely to be for it to stay healthy. It also doesn’t take into account muscle mass, and as we all know muscle is heavier than fat. Many pro athletes and Olympic competitors are also likely to be obese or overweight according to BMI, which only further proves how useless of a tool it is in regards to determining how healthy we actually are.

Fat Can Actually Be Good For You

Some Fat Is Actually Good For You
Some Fat Is Actually Good For You
Several recent medical studies have shown that people with some chronic illnesses actually need a higher body weight and health content to stay healthy. These studies specifically show that a higher BMI can protect a person from dying of heart failure and kidney failure as chronic illnesses can require that a person have higher energy reserves in order to combat them. A low BMI can also be an indicator that someone has a disease that has yet to be diagnosed, yet if BMI is relied on solely an individual may be praised for being healthy with no additional tests performed.

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How to Resist That Second Helping

Portion control is the bane of many diets. It’s not always a matter of needing to get a different amount of nutrients so you’ll stop being hungry. Sometimes it’s simply that you’re so used to being full that your stomach has stretched, and while you wait for it to shrink (which will happen) you have to deal with being hungry. While you’re waiting for nature to take its course and diminish your appetite you can also take these steps in order to aid it on its way. Your stomach is never going to shrink if you’re still filling it full of second helpings, after all.

Drink Two Glasses of Water Between Helpings

Drink 2 Glasses Of Water During With Meals
Drink 2 Glasses Of Water With Your Meals
Before you allow yourself to go back for seconds, take the time to make sure that your firsts have settled. A great way to both make sure that your food is in fact ready to be digested is to drink two large glasses of water before you go back. Make sure that you sip these glasses; drink them slowly. It can be hard to make yourself drink slowly when you’re hungry, but that’s part of the point. Time will diminish your appetite, and so will the fact that water fills you up. You’re not adding any calories to your meal total, but you’re still feeling like you ate more.

Get up and Go for a Walk

Pick Up The Habit Of Going For A Walk
Pick Up The Habit Of Going For A Walk
Sometimes you just have to go for a walk. This will help you by aiding the digestion process and will also help take your mind off of the food that you want to eat. This shouldn’t be a jog or anything; a simple wander down the road will put you in a different mental place and will help your body see that, whatever your stomach thinks, you don’t actually need to eat anything more. Everything’s going to be fine with the amount of food you did enjoy.

Put the Food Away Immediately

Another way to curb your tendency to eat a second plate is to make sure that all the food is already away. The first thing that you have to do is load up your plate with your dinner. Make sure that it looks like a lot (use a smaller plate, if you have to) so that your brain knows you’re going to be eating a lot of food. Then, once you’ve gotten your food, put the rest into Tupperware and pack it up in the fridge. This way you won’t be tempted to snack when you’re trying to put the leftovers away, and going to the fridge, getting out the food, and reheating it all seems like a lot of work that you don’t actually want to take.

Always Take Your Leftovers for Breakfast the next Day

One way to stop yourself from indulging is knowing that the food you save will be your breakfast or lunch the next day. If you always eat your leftovers for lunch, you know that you’re going to be hungry tomorrow if you eat them now.

Settle on a Less Calorie Heavy Snack

If you’re starving even after you’ve done all of that, find something less calorie heavy than a meal to eat. Plain crackers might satisfy your urge to chew, but they won’t be so calorie rich as eating a second dinner would be.

Identify Why You Want to Eat It so Badly

If you can’t understand why you’re so hungry, try to think if you did anything stressful that day. Think about any nutrition requirements your exercise routine might have, and then see if you can understand why you’re hungry and attack it logically.

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3 Ways You Can Accidentally Destroy Your Company’s Reputation

Running a business is a complicated game, and it’s not always all about making money. It’s about forging and building up relationships as well. Not only with the other employees within your company, but also with your suppliers, investors, and even your customers. Without a good reputation, it’s going to be pretty hard to do any kind of reliable business in any field. That’s why so many of your early days as a company are all about building up trust with those who do business with you. Once you’ve earned that trust, you can go pretty far with it!

Know What Your Customers Want
Know What Your Customers Want
However, if you are careless with your business’s reputation, you could end up throwing it away. Even one careless mistake could end up costing your business all of that good karma you built up. Once you fritter it away like that, you’ll end up being completely unable to get it back again. It could be a real disaster! There are a few things you really need to be careful to avoid if you really want to preserve your business’s reputation. In this article, you can learn about three of those critical errors to avoid. Here’s what they are!

Don’t Make a Fool of Yourself on Social Media

Act Professionally
Act Professionally At All Times
One of the most powerful tools available to any business out there these days is the social networking website. By leveraging the power of social media and creating a page for your business, you can reach an audience that previously would have been entirely out of your reach. Now, however, with the right kind of strategy and a bit of work, you’ll find that you can triple the number of people who are aware of your company and what it’s doing. However, it can also be a danger. If you open your big mouth and say something very controversial on a site like Twitter or Facebook, it can escalate into a firestorm that consumes your business. Don’t presume to mouth off political opinions or similar things through the mouthpiece of a corporate social media page. The only result you’re going to encounter is the one where your entire reputation ends up in the toilet bowl! Stick to only posting things about your company on those pages, and you’ll always be safe from destroying your business that way.

Don’t Provoke a Flood of Bad Online Reviews

Online reviews are important, whether you want to admit it or not. You can’t just ignore what people are saying about you on those pages. If you do something that encourages people to visit your page to leave bad reviews about your company, you’re in big trouble. You’re quickly going to discover that there is no easy way to get those scores back up to where they used to. You won’t have any luck getting fraudulent reviews removed, either. Instead, you’re going to have live with the fact that your company has a poor reputation now.

Avoid Declaring Your Business’s Stance on Controversial Issues

Like we discussed in relation to social media, you should avoid saying anything particularly controversial in any online settings. However, you should also avoid having your business officially advocate or declare for a particular political issue. This can cause a lot of unhappiness and unrest between you and your customers. Not only that, but if you back the wrong horse, you could destroy the popularity of your entire business. You might even become a pariah in your community. IS making a statement really worth it when the stakes are so high? You’re better off writing a letter to the editor and leaving it at that, instead of opening your business’s mouth.

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Valentines Gifts That Rock

Valentine’s Day is a stressful day for many people. When the season of hearts and cupids rolls around it can be hard to find a suitable gift for the girl or guy in your life. Especially with all the horrible gifts that you might find during this time of year, you need to really make an effort to find a good gift. However, if you can find a good gift for your significant other, you can make a very memorable Valentine’s Day and make your relationship even stronger.


A Beautiful Bundle Of Flowers Is A Timeless Gift
A Beautiful Bundle Of Flowers Is A Timeless Gift
While many people say flowers are clichéd and silly, but there is a reason that flowers are a timeless gift that many people give to each other. There is even a language to flowers that you can use to express your feelings, like red roses mean everlasting love, but yellow roses signify friendship. If you do your research, you can bring a beautiful message and you can really make an amazing gift.


A Box Of Chocolates Is A Classic Valentine's Day Gift
A Box Of Chocolates Is A Classic Valentine’s Day Gift
As long as your date is not on a diet, chocolates are an awesome gift. They are cute, themed, and of course delicious. If you know exactly what chocolates that your special someone likes, then you can be even more specific with what chocolates with you give them. You can easily give some great chocolate and have fun with chocolate related fun.

Homemade Gifts

Make It Special... Make It Yourself
Make It Special… Make It Yourself
Homemade gifts have the most thought in them out of any other gift. If you can put enough thought into a person and a relationship to make them a gift that they love then you will have really scored on the gift front. Think about the different things that you can make, and just pick one. Any method you use will result in a unique, personalized gift that will mean far more than any kitschy, store bought, themed gift. Don’t worry about making it absolutely perfect, because it is the thought that counts the most.

Thoughtful Cards

If you write out your thoughts in a nice card you can have a great, meaningful thing to share with your beloved on Valentine’s Day. – How to Write The Perfect Vday Card – The thought and time that it takes to write out a card and send it is a gift that is very much worth doing. You can write something funny or something deep, but either way it’s the thought that matters. A cheesy, store bought card with your name written inside is not going to win you any favors or rewards.


Going out on cute dates is a really good way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Actions speak louder than words any day, and it is important for you to show that you care. A nice dinner, or a day in, or even an indoor lunch with snuggling by the fire is a great way to show your affections. Cook for each other, watch each other’s favorite movies, or even just talk and listen to each other. It doesn’t need to be expensive or too fancy, it should just be filled with love and good intention. If you combine these gifts, you can have the most meaningful Valentine’s ever, and you can show each other that you really care for you special someone. Just remember that even if it isn’t picture perfect, your thoughts and expressions of love will be appreciated and reciprocated.